A Solid Foundation

Cy White knew for many years what his passion was – His creative mind loved nature and all of its wondrous beauty.  He knew that in order to truly let go and enjoy life, one must appreciate what the natural world has to offer and he wanted others to experience nature the way he did.  To that end, Cy enrolled himself at Texas A&M University.


Cy graduated from Texas A&M University, College Station, in 1978 having studied both land architecture and horticulture.  He spent the next eight years working with and learning from established landscape companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and in Tyler.  He was preparing himself for a journey.


A vintage picture of Tyler landscaper Cy White and his wife out enjoying nature.


The Founding of a Company

In 1986 Cy took another step in his journey when he and his wife started White Landscape Design in Tyler, TX.  Cy took on the design side of things and his wife takes care of the books and scheduling. It was the perfect conduit through which Cy could realize his dreams and help others experience their own version of paradise.

What Really Matters

Family. Life. Integrity.  These are the things that the Whites value.  Cy and his wife have operated Cy White Landscape Design together from their home in the Tyler area for 28 years.  During this time they have helped others with creating their dreams, no matter how simple or grand, and pride themselves in the positive experiences they help provide.


Licensed Irrigator

Cy White Landscape Design began designing and installing sprinkler systems in 2000. Becoming a Licensed Irrigator  has allowed for a more fluid process in the design and implementation of every project.  We design all of our sprinkler systems to work perfectly with the landscape they are irrigating and can remodel or add to existing sprinkler systems to ensure there is proper, cost effective irrigation of your landscape.


Close up of a sprinkler spraying water on a green lawn in East Texas.


Outdoor Living Areas

In 2002 Cy White Landscape Design expanded their services to include Outdoor Living Areas.


An exquisite outdoor backyard bar made of brick and wood.


Twenty Eight Years Later

Cy White Landscape Design has grown into a robust company that is based in Tyler, TX and provides services to the East TX area. We are still a family owned and operated company and it has helped us to create positive relationships that foster a true understanding of our customers needs.


East Texas Landscaper Cy White and his wife in formal attire.

Our Services

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Seasonal Maintenance


Water Features




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